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Optimizing Your Code And Increase Application Performance

September 24, 2009 Leave a comment

When any software development start then development team target finish the development within the timeline. And to achieve the target in less time developers have only one option to compromise with development standards and code optimization.

But I think code optimization is most important factor which should be considered at the time of development. And for that following are some common rules:

1) If possible then we have to use native methods instead of user defined methods. Because in execution native methods are faster than user defined methods.

2) It very normal thing we can observe from our code if we are using a for loop and we want to execute the loop (Array.length) number of time. Then before the loop we should have to assign Array.length to a variable and then will have to use the variable in the loop.

var _arrayLength:Number = itemArray.length;
for (var i:Number =0; i< _arrayLength; i++)

3) We should also think on optimizing loops from our codes. Some loops (let say setInterval()) will take lots of processing time of application. And if we are using function like setInterval() then we should remove it.

4) If possible then we should use local variables instead of global variables. Because local variables will be destroyed when its scope is finished.

There are several other rules by which we can improve performance of our application.

So enjoy RIA with optimized code 🙂


Video Quality

May 30, 2009 1 comment

The Flash Camera class is primarily use with steraming server like Flash Media Server or Red5 Server. When we are broadcasting video using streaming server, its quality is an important issue. To get good quality of video at stream receiver side, we have to use setQuality(..) camera class method.

setQuality([bandwidth:Number], [quality:Number])

bandwidth:Number [optional] — An integer that specifies the maximum amount of bandwidth that the current outgoing video feed can use, in bytes per second.

quality:Number [optional] — An integer that specifies the required level of picture quality, as determined by the amount of compression being applied to each video frame. Acceptable values range from 1 (lowest quality, maximum compression) to 100 (highest quality, no compression).

To get good quality at receiver side had used setQuality as below:

setQuality( 0, 50000 )

As increasing the quality value of setQuality its surprising but giving good quality at receiver side.

So enjoy streaming with good quality 🙂

Red5 Development

May 24, 2009 Leave a comment

Red5 streams audio, video and data to and from the flash plugin live and on demand so there is no need to wait for the progressive video to load, as you can experience the freedom of on demand streaming. Connect your webcam, and you can broadcast live or record video right from your browser.

The main aims to build the ideal server platform for media and rich media applications and best of all, its open source. That creates a world of possibilities to change the web for the better. Now anyone can use or extend red5.

Red5 development is also good. But I think FMS is interesting and as far as quality is concern FMS is best.

Why Red5 Insted Of FMS

May 14, 2008 Leave a comment

Here is a list of reason to choose Red5 insted of FMS.

1) Red5 is free.

2) Red5 is an open source project, so if you would like then you can contribute to its development.

3) Red5 is not only a streaming server,  You can build many useful applications using Red5.

4) For server side application in  Java code is used,  is more popular than Adobe server side action scripting for flash media server.

The most important things is that red5 is open source and it provide’s everything which is provided by FMS.

Red5 Development

May 14, 2008 Leave a comment

For Red5 Application development some required things are as below:

1) To develop red5 application we need to install JDK 1.5 or higher version. You will get it from here.

2) To get access the Administration Interface :

I would like to share my experience for Administration Interface login with you. It’s totally different then FMS. In FMS we will set the username and password for Management Interface but here in Red5, it will set by default username and password as ” Admin “.

You can change it from it’s config file.

Red5 Server

May 14, 2008 Leave a comment

I had worked with Flash Media Server. It’s an nice experience to work with FMS. But some day’s ago I got a change to work with Red5 Server. It’s looking very much different at starting, but as a spend more time with red5 I fell the work flow is same like FMS, ya there are some major change. But it’s very much interesting to work with red5.

The first thing in Red5 which is very much different then FMS is the Administration Interface.

To feel the difference once install red5 server from here.