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Adobe Advances Entertainment Apps for TVs

October 4, 2011 Leave a comment

At its MAX 2011 technology conference, Adobe announced that LG and TiVo have become the latest partners to bring Adobe Flash-based applications via Adobe AIR to connected TVs and digital home devices. Content partners can now take advantage of AIR to deliver Flash-based console-quality gaming and premium video across TVs, Blu-Ray players and set-top boxes.

Adobe also announced that Flash Player 11 and AIR 3 will be available today, a milestone release that will enable the next generation of immersive application experiences across devices and platforms. As announced, dozens of new features allow developers to deliver a new class of gaming and premium video experiences, as well as sophisticated, data-driven apps with back-end systems integration across devices and platforms including Android, Apple iOS (via AIR), BlackBerry Tablet OS, Mac OS, Windows and connected TVs and others. AIR Apps available on Samsung SmartTVs, coming to Digital Home devices from LG, TiVo and others.

Demo video of Flash-based apps with 3D graphics and others running on a Samsung Smart TV and other devices:

With more than 100 unique digital home devices already certified to support Adobe Flash and AIR, including Samsung Smart TVs, Adobe expects rapid growth for Flash-based applications across connected televisions and other devices.

TVs and other connected devices in the digital living room are the next frontier for rich entertainment apps. Flash-based applications are transforming content consumption on TVs as developers embrace new opportunities to deliver beautiful HD content to increasingly powerful digital home devices connected to a big screen.

With the AIR SDK, Flash Builder and Flash Professional CS5.5 software, developers can build new applications for connected digital home devices or extend existing Flash-based experiences from desktops and mobile devices to TVs. AIR 3 brings a series of advancements to TVs including full hardware-accelerated rendering for 2D and 3D graphics to enable console-quality gaming applications. Content publishers are able to deliver HD videos with Dolby and DTS 7.1 channel surround sound for full support of home theater systems. With the new Game Input API, developers can also make a range of devices an integral part of the gaming experience on TV screens, including joysticks, smartphones and tablets.

Flash Player is supported on more than 98 percent of Internet connected PCs today and by the end of 2011, Adobe expects more than 200 million smartphones and tablets including Apple iOS devices to support Flash based applications via AIR. By the end of 2015, the number of devices that will support AIR is expected to increase to 1 billion. AIR, a superset of Flash Player, enables developers to leverage existing code to create and deliver standalone applications across devices and platforms. Thousands of Flash-based applications have already been created and made available on Android Market, iTunes App Store, Samsung SmartTV Store and BlackBerry AppWorld today.

You can get MAX keynote information from here.

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Pixel Bender 3D

October 29, 2010 1 comment

Pixel Bender language and GPU and multi-core image processing technologies for Adobe products. With the 3D APIs for the Flash Player coming up (Molehill), Adobe are working on tools to aid in the creation of shaders. PixelBender 3D allows you to create and export fragment shaders & vertex shaders for use in the Flash Player. Kevin showed how to create and export advanced shaders such as water with reflections.

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Adobe shows off Flash to HTML5 conversion tool

October 29, 2010 2 comments

As we know that Adobe released its own HTML5 video player, added HTML5 export tools to Adobe Illustrator and Dreamweaver CS5, and now Adobe showed a tool named “Wallaby” to converts Flash animation to HTML5. And the tool is still impressive.

Wallaby means that developers can easily reuse graphics and animation used in applications into HTML file.

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3D APIs for Adobe Flash Player and Adobe AIR

October 28, 2010 3 comments

Recently, at MAX adobe demonstrated it’s upcoming 3D API for Flash Player, code name ‘Molehill’ for a new set of low-level, GPU-accelerated 3D APIs which will enable advanced 3D experiences across screens through Adobe Flash platform runtimes and 3D engine developers the flexibility to leverage GPU hardware acceleration for significant performance gains.

You can observer the impressive video here on Adobe TV.

A video from MaxRacer demoed at Max Keynote Day 1, leveraging the upcoming 3D Molehill APIs :

And another one from Frima Studio, who ported their engine used on the PSP for Zombie Tycoon to Molehill:

From here you can get more information about how it works.

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Adobe Flex Mobile Application & AIR on TV

October 25, 2010 2 comments

I think this year will be great and superb time for developers working on Adobe technology, mainly Flash and Flash Builder. As Adobe MAX 2010 Kicks Off, so will get more interesting information for mobile application development and adobe technologies. Let me focus on Mobile application :

Mobile development features in “Hero” and “Burrito” are targeted at creating standalone installed applications using the Adobe AIR runtime for mobile devices. By focusing on AIR, Flex can take full advantage of the integration AIR provides with each mobile platform, such as the ability to handle hardware back and menu buttons and to access local storage.

Burrito” release of the Flash Builder IDE brings a productive design/build/debug workflow to mobile development. From project creation to visual layout to one-click debugging and deployment on devices, the aim of the mobile features in “Burrito” is to make it just as easy to develop an ActionScript- or Flex-based mobile application as it is to develop a desktop or web application.

So its realy rocking time for Flash, Flex Developers. You will get superb information related to Mobile application development and code productivity enhancements and new Spark components information from videos and articles listed below:

  • Beginning a Mobile Application – Video
  • Navigation and Lists for Mobile Application – Video
  • Debug and package Apps for Devices – Video
  • Code Productivity in Flash Builder – Video
  • Code Productivity in Flash Builder – Article
  • New in Flash Builder “Burrito” – Article
  • Spark DataGrid Component – Video
  • Spark Form Container – Video
  • Spark Image and BitmapImage – Video
  • Spark Formatters – Video
  • Flash Builder and Flash Catalyst Designer Developer Workflows – Video
  • Mobile Development using Hero and Flash Builder “Burrito” – Article
  • Adobe AIR coming to TV – News Article

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Flash, AIR Application Development Guide By Experts

October 21, 2009 Leave a comment

To develop any Flash, Flex or AIR application or game development there are lots of important factors like workflows of the application, for game application important techniques of for development. There are some interesting articles by experts are listed below :

1 ) An introduction to developing games on the Adobe Flash Platform by Samuel Asher Rivello

2) From black box to contextual applications by Eric Oldrin

3) The edge of Flash by Rob Ford

4) A guide to Adobe developer groups and resources online by Bryan Rinaldi

5) Unveiling WorkflowLab: A new tool for developing project workflows by Doug Winnie

6) Object Relational Mapping for the Adobe AIR developer by David Tucker

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MAX Session Updates For RIA Developers

October 8, 2009 Leave a comment

MAX sessions updates are as below. There are some important discussion like important tips for web design, increasing performance of Flash, Flex, AIR applications and most important secrets behind Flash and so on .

1) CSS Tips and Tricks for Web Design
2) Tackling Memory and Performance in Flash, Flex, and Adobe AIR
3) SEO Secrets, Technology, and Magic Behind Flash

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