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Features of Next Version of Flex… Hero

It’s really rocking news for Flex Developers. Adobe introduces the next release of the Flex SDK, code-named Hero. The Hero release has three main base themes:

• Multi-Screen Development

It will be great for developers if have an single framework to build applications that target the web, desktop or mobile devices. The Hero release of Flex will enable developers to continue to create application experiences that translate well across platforms, in addition to making it easy to build applications that work well on a wide variety of mobile devices. Hero will augment a number of existing Flex components with mobile- and touch-optimized skins and functionality and will also add new components that support mobile-specific UI patterns. Developers already familiar with core Flex concepts like data binding, MXML and dynamic layout will be able to quickly leverage that knowledge into building applications that can target numerous mobile devices.

You can get more information about the new features in the upcoming release version of Flex from Flex and Mobile Whitepaper and feature specifications.

• Spark Maturation

In Flex 4 an interesting component called Spark was introduced which allows for designers and developers to separate component logic from behavior and visuals of the component. Spark has proven to be a key addition to the Flex framework, and the Hero release focuses on building more Spark-based components as well as providing new Spark capabilities to existing Flex features. Some of the new Spark components being offered in the Hero release include Spark Form, Spark Image and Spark DataGrid controls. These new Spark components not only provide parity with the previous MX versions, but also expose capabilities that allow for more modern component designs.

• Large-Application Development

As people use Flex to build much more complex interesting and mature applications so the framework should support these efforts. The next version of Flex aims to improve the compilation experience and memory consumptions for large applications. And also runtime shared libraries feature improvements introduce in Hero.

You can get more information from here.

So friends, Enjoy RIA… 🙂

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