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Flash CS4 New Features

As a technical person we are aware that before any new software is released, company release beta version and start discussions of new features of the product.

Adobe is also doing the same thing and as it’s release Flash CS4 with new features and mainly target designers.

The user interface are significantly changed in Flash CS4 like panel’s layouts and some new windows. I had noticed the timeline position is changed. And if you seen that properties pannel is at right to stage (Position is same as Flex properties panel). Also adobe provides customizable layout and user can mange layout.

To create motion tween on a movieclip and its keyframes will automatically be created and it can be modify for all properties. So by this we can easily create complex animation. So I think it will reduce development tim 🙂 !!!

There are lots of interesting features like integration with AIR and Flex is very nice.

So to enjoy RIA you can get more information from here.

Enjoy 🙂

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