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Normally when a person doing some work, then he or she want to know about the thinking of other peoples about the work. The same concepts come to the picture when any IT professional start writing blog or any articles on site then the writer interested to see the effects of the articles.

By writing blogs topic the writers share knowledge with others. And by getting the numbers of hits for that topic can understands the effect and importance of the topic. To get information about the number of hits or number of visitors of the blog there are some features available. So we are thankful those functionality providers to give such free platform to share knowledge with world.

But, now let s come to the point, every blog writer like to increase the number of visitors for the blog. My aim to share the information with others is to convince people to share their technical as well as management knowledge with others.

A main point of the article is to discuss about “How to increase blog or site traffic” or in other words we can say “How to attract visitors to your site”. There is several ways to archive the goal but I think the following factors will play an important role for that:

1. Write regularly

The most important factor of your site is the information provided or shared by you. It had been noticed that lots of people start their blog but after sometime they will stop updating their site. And due to that the loose users. So, to update your visitors regularly, you will have to update the information regularly.

2. Write article on interesting topic

By writing interesting and important information you can attract peoples towards your site. The information shared by you should be helpful to your readers. Let’s take a small example, as a technical person I would like to read all those site which are sharing related technical information. If I am facing any technical problem then I would like to discuss that problem with technical persons but how would I know that the person is able to help me. Obviously, by reading their technical articles from their site.

3. Your site contents should be noticed by popular search engines like Google, Yahoo or Technorati.

If someone wants to get any information about anything, normally searching that information by using search engine. So, as a writer you should be aware that your site information is noticed by search engine.

4. Add other expert’s site as a Blogroll

Blogroll is an interesting feature provided by blogging sites. Let’s say If I had added you in blogroll list then also you site get more readers.

5. Discussion by comments on articles

The first important thing is to approve the comments given by your site readers to show your reader that you value their opinions. Then it should be two way conversion.

6. RSS feeds

Publish your contents by setting RSS feeds.

7. Article’s Title

Search engines can easily notice article’s title or tags. And tags also helpful to reader to understand the article meaning.

So, IT peoples lets try to share your knowledge with world. 🙂

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