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Flash Builder 4

Adobe Flash Builder 4 beta delivers a long list of new and improved features to make your data-to-day coding and testing more productive:

  • Refactoring, debugging, and the profiler from Flex Builder 3 have been improved with some of the most requested enhancements.
  • The debugger adds conditional breakpoints, watchpoints, run-to-line, and an expression evaluator.
  • Profiler now includes an improved “Object References” report.
  • Move refactoring has been added.

Flash Builder 4 also include nice IDE productivity features :

  • Getter / Setter generator
  • Event code generator
  • New package explorer
  • Support for ASDoc tooltips

Builder also supporting creating custom file templates for MXML, ActionScript, and CSS.

Flash Builder 4 includes two new features for testing applications: a network monitor and Flex Unit support.

The network monitor allows you to see the network traffic between the Flash client and your backend server from within Flash Builder. This enables you to more easily debug data access portions of the Flex application, and to diagnose any performance issues that might exist between the client and server.

Unit testing is another important part of the application development process, and Builder makes it easy with integrated Flex Unit support. This will allow test setup, test file creation, test running and test result analysis in Builder.

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