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Video Quality

The Flash Camera class is primarily use with steraming server like Flash Media Server or Red5 Server. When we are broadcasting video using streaming server, its quality is an important issue. To get good quality of video at stream receiver side, we have to use setQuality(..) camera class method.

setQuality([bandwidth:Number], [quality:Number])

bandwidth:Number [optional] — An integer that specifies the maximum amount of bandwidth that the current outgoing video feed can use, in bytes per second.

quality:Number [optional] — An integer that specifies the required level of picture quality, as determined by the amount of compression being applied to each video frame. Acceptable values range from 1 (lowest quality, maximum compression) to 100 (highest quality, no compression).

To get good quality at receiver side had used setQuality as below:

setQuality( 0, 50000 )

As increasing the quality value of setQuality its surprising but giving good quality at receiver side.

So enjoy streaming with good quality 🙂

  1. Charles
    March 13, 2010 at 4:27 AM

    I think you meant:
    setQuality( 50000, 0)

    By the way thanks lot this allows good quality when there is not a lot of movement and fluidity (with lesser quality) when moving. 🙂

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