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Shared objects

Shared objects offer real-time data sharing between multiple client SWF files and objects that are persistent on the local computer or remote server. I am much more interested in Remote Shared Object. To use Remote Shared Objects, we need a server, such as Flash Media Server 2 (FMS).

Some of the common uses of shared objects are :

1) Maintaining local persistence.

2) Storing and sharing data on a server

3) Sharing data in real time

Maintaining local persistence:

We use Shared Object (SO) where we need to store an value in SO and whenever we access the value, we will get last stored value. And to remove the value from SO we need to set it null. Mostly this kind of technique is used in small application where FMS is not required. 

Storing and sharing data on a server:

We use SO in such a way that we will get information from Server and when internet connection is lost the SO consist last data.

Sharing data in real time:

This is a most important use of SO.

Using SO, we can share data among multiple clients at run time like a list of users connected to Meeting Room, which could be visible to all the users who are connected to the object. And all the updates at Server side will reflect to all users connected to the object.

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