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Flash, AIR Application Development Guide By Experts

October 21, 2009 Leave a comment

To develop any Flash, Flex or AIR application or game development there are lots of important factors like workflows of the application, for game application important techniques of for development. There are some interesting articles by experts are listed below :

1 ) An introduction to developing games on the Adobe Flash Platform by Samuel Asher Rivello

2) From black box to contextual applications by Eric Oldrin

3) The edge of Flash by Rob Ford

4) A guide to Adobe developer groups and resources online by Bryan Rinaldi

5) Unveiling WorkflowLab: A new tool for developing project workflows by Doug Winnie

6) Object Relational Mapping for the Adobe AIR developer by David Tucker

Enjoy RIA…. :)

Interesting Websites

October 18, 2009 Leave a comment

As there are lots of web sites available which had been developed by using RIA technologies and provides interesting, effective interactivity and user friendly environment. I had observer some websites and among them I like some of the interesting websites which are listed below.

1) Create nice Presentations
2) Interesting Design
3) Nice place for Kids to explore and play games
4) New generation of virtual Word

May be there are some more or other websites which are more interesting and effective for users. So I would like more if you can share that effective websites links with others so RIA developers can get more ideas to provides more effective environment to users by using RIA technology.

Enjoy RIA… :)

Flash Builder And Flash Catalyst Help

October 15, 2009 Leave a comment

You can experience Adobe next-generation help, by Flash Builder and Flash Catalyst help application. The AIR application provides you reference content online and offline and some important features like:

• Access up-to-date definitive reference content online and offline
• Find the most relevant content contributed by experts from the Adobe community
• Comment on, rate, and contribute to content in the Adobe community
• Locate code examples with integrated code search
• Download Help content directly to your desktop to use and search offline
• Use dynamic navigation based on search results to find related content
• Enjoy content updates and feature enhancements without reinstalling the AIR app

You can install the AIR application from here.

Enjoy RIA :)

MAX Session Updates For RIA Developers

October 8, 2009 Leave a comment

MAX sessions updates are as below. There are some important discussion like important tips for web design, increasing performance of Flash, Flex, AIR applications and most important secrets behind Flash and so on .

1) CSS Tips and Tricks for Web Design
2) Tackling Memory and Performance in Flash, Flex, and Adobe AIR
3) SEO Secrets, Technology, and Magic Behind Flash

Enjoy RIA… :)

Adobe MAX 2009 Session Videos

October 7, 2009 Leave a comment

Yesterday’s MAX sessions are as below. There are some important discussion for designers as well as developers.

1) Photosho CS4
2) How NOT to Code Flex
3) Learne How Design Can Make Complex Concepts Clear and Provide New Roles for Designers

You are a Designer or Flex developer by this you will get some good ideas….

Enjoy RIA…:)

Flex Mobile Framework

October 6, 2009 Leave a comment

Rocking news for Flex Developers :)

Adobe is developing a Flex framework that will make it easy for developers to build Flex application that run across mobile devices. The mobile version of Flex framework code-named “Slider”.

‘Slider” will enable developers to create multi screen applications, leveraging their existing skills and so on.

The framework is expected to be available in 2010.

You can get more information from the here.

Enjoy RIA…

Flash Flex content into social network of Facebook

October 4, 2009 Leave a comment

We can observer the one thing that Facebook is one of the most popular and most funny social networking site today. Adobe and Facebook both are developing their products in such a way that they can communicate easily.

There are several tutorials and several guidelines are available for the Flash/Flex application integration with Facebook and how both the platform can communicate.

You can refer following links to develop such environment for your Flash Flex applications
1) Adobe Flash & Facebook
2) Deliver rich, social experiences on the web
3) Facebook Developer Guide
4) Case Study

Enjoy RIA …. :)

Adobe Flash Platform Documentation Beta

October 2, 2009 Leave a comment

Adobe had provide a platform for Adobe Flash, Flex, AIR, LiveCycle Data Services and ColdFusion reference information about Actionscript language.

For more details refers the following link :

1) ActionScript 3.0 Reference
2) Flash Builder 4
3) Using Flex 4 SDK

Enjoy RIA… :)

Congratulations to Sunil Ratada

October 2, 2009 Leave a comment

Sunil Ratada is working with us as a Flex Developer….. Now he is an Adobe Certified Expert.

Cheers for him ….

Enjoy RIA :)

Optimizing Your Code And Increase Application Performance

September 24, 2009 Leave a comment

When any software development start then development team target finish the development within the timeline. And to achieve the target in less time developers have only one option to compromise with development standards and code optimization.

But I think code optimization is most important factor which should be considered at the time of development. And for that following are some common rules:

1) If possible then we have to use native methods instead of user defined methods. Because in execution native methods are faster than user defined methods.

2) It very normal thing we can observe from our code if we are using a for loop and we want to execute the loop (Array.length) number of time. Then before the loop we should have to assign Array.length to a variable and then will have to use the variable in the loop.

var _arrayLength:Number = itemArray.length;
for (var i:Number =0; i< _arrayLength; i++)

3) We should also think on optimizing loops from our codes. Some loops (let say setInterval()) will take lots of processing time of application. And if we are using function like setInterval() then we should remove it.

4) If possible then we should use local variables instead of global variables. Because local variables will be destroyed when its scope is finished.

There are several other rules by which we can improve performance of our application.

So enjoy RIA with optimized code :)


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